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Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:59 pm by WillyWonka2197
This website sucks. Go back to the old one! Evil or Very Mad Mad

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 Feed The Beast Rules

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PostSubject: Feed The Beast Rules   Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:49 am

General Rules
1. Do not go AFK in the server.
2. Do not grief.
3. Do not disrespect staff or administration.
4. Do not hack.
5. Do not use x-ray packs.
6. Do not attempt to crash the server.
7. Do not steal.
8. Do not exploit.

Chat Rules
1. Do not spam.
2. Do not ask for events.
3. Do not ask for items.
4. Do not ask for creative.
5. Do not ask for operator, moderator, or admin.
6. Do not complain in the server, post on the forum.
7. Do not troll.
8. No racism or homophobic remarks.

Texture Rules
1. You may use texture packs so long as:
  1a. They don't reveal hidden blocks.
  2a. They don't reveal mobs.
  3a. They don't reveal chests.
  4a. They don't reveal dungeons.

2. HD Texture packs ARE allowed.

Modification Rules
1. No hacks of any kind.
2. You may change the current minimap so long as:
  1a. It doesn't show hidden areas.
  2a. It doesn't reveal rare blocks.

3. No auto-mining addons.
4. No auto-attacking addons.

Event Rules
1. Listen to the leader of the event.
2. Do not stray from the event if you join it.
3. Do not cheat during the event.
4. Do not grief during the event.
5. Do not mine during the event, unless allowed to do so.
6. Place a marker back to your home so you don't get lost.

Thaumcraft Rules
1. Do not intentionally cause bad flux near other players.
2. Do not cause fairies to spawn and kill players.
3. Do not light silver trees on fire.
4. Do not destroy silver trees without replanting them.
5. Do not use thaumcraft against players unless during events.

Building Rules
1. Do not leave unsightly buildings standing.
2. Do not use TNT to blow up random holes above surface.
3. Do not use more than 15 TNT at one time.
4. Do not use, build, or distribute nukes.
5. Cover mining turtle excavation holes.
6. Do not use the chunk loader to load over a 150x150 space.
7. Be original with your buildings.
8. Do not light forests on fire.
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Feed The Beast Rules
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