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New Website
Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:59 pm by WillyWonka2197
This website sucks. Go back to the old one! Evil or Very Mad Mad

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 Trouble In Terrorist Town Rules

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PostSubject: Trouble In Terrorist Town Rules   Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:49 am

Valkyrex Gaming Trouble in Terrorist Town

General Rules
1. No mic spam.
2. No text spam.
3. No admin chat spam.
4. No asking for points in the pointshop.
5. No asking for moderator.
6. No asking for admin.
7. No racism.
8. No trolling.
9. No excessive foul language.
10. No asking to mute "squeekers."
11. No exploiting.
12. No hacking.
13. No going AFK in the server for more than 30 minutes.
14. Always obey admins and moderators.
15. Have fun and read the rest of the rules. Evil or Very Mad 

Innocent Rules
1. No prop-killing.
2. No random KOSing.
3. No killing AFKs.
4. No breaking T-Testers
5. No spelling innocent backwards.

Detective Rules
1. Do NOT give away your DNA tester.
2. Do NOT commit suicide unless going AFK.
3. Do NOT use fake traitor testing methods.
4. Do NOT use innocents as bait.

Traitor Rules
1. Do NOT kill your traitor buddies. IF you do, kill yourself.
2. Do NOT frame your traitor buddies.
3. Prop-killing is ALLOWED.

Reasons to Kill
1. Putting other players in danger of an explosive barrel.
2. Prop-killing.
3. Breaking traitor testers.
4. Breaking bridges.
5. Seeing a player with a traitorous weapon.
6. Following a detective after being warned 2 times to stop.
7. Following an innocent after being warned 3 times to stop. MUST BE TYPED!
8. Killing innocent players.
9. Not IDing bodies.
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Trouble In Terrorist Town Rules
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